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Inauguration - definition of inauguration by The Free Dictionary

inauguration - the act of starting a new operation or practice; "he opposed the inauguration of fluoridation"; "the startup of the new factory was delayed by strikes". Read more..

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And each one had marked, as it were, the inauguration of a new phase in her life. He has brought before us the incidents and the lessons of the first inauguration of Washington. The fight for the next nomination began soon after his inauguration. In the time that was past there had been so much to look forward to in the day of which this gathering was the inauguration. "I shall wear one like it at your inauguration, Senator," said she brightly. Read more..

Inauguration - Definition of Inauguration by Merriam-Webster

Definition of inauguration for Students.: an act or ceremony of introducing into office <a president's inauguration >. Read more..

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A stone inauguration chair of the O'Neills is preserved in the Belfast Museum. While the influence of the great prophets Elijah and Elisha is clearly visible, it is instructive to find that the south, too, has its'share in the inauguration of the new era. Read more..

Presidential Inauguration 2017 - USAGov

Presidential Inauguration 2017. Meet the new President-elect team. Learn about the 2017 Presidential Inauguration and the history of Presidential Inaugurations. Read more..

Inauguration Day in the United States

On Inauguration Day the candidates, who won the elections in the previous year, are sworn into office as president and vice-president of the United States. The swearing-in ceremony takes place at the U.S. Capitol and is organized by the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies. It is usually followed by a parade along Pennsylvania Avenue. Read more..

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Reports of entertainment trouble for the Trump inauguration. Published: 2016/12/20. Channel: Fox News. GMA: Presidential Inauguration ni Rodrigo Duterte. Read more..

Inauguration Day

Inauguration Day is the day every four years on which the President of the United States is sworn in and takes office. The next Inauguration Day will occur on January 20, 2009. History. The inauguration for the first U.S. president, George Washington, was held on April 30, 1789 in New York City. Inauguration Day was originally set for March 4, giving electors from each state nearly four months after Election Day to cast their ballots for president. Read more..

Occupy Inauguration - Facebook

The ultimate goal of Occupy Inauguration is to join movements, activists, and organizations to decide how to best represent the 99% moving forward. Read more..

3 Ways to Get Inauguration Tickets - wikiHow

Tickets for the inauguration are free. The only want to get one is through a senator or congressperson. Read more..

inauguration : definition of inauguration and synonyms...

F. inauguration.] 1. The act of inuagurating, or inducting into office with solemnity; investiture by appropriate ceremonies. At his regal inauguration, his old father resigned the kingdom to him. Sir T. Browne. 2. The formal beginning or initiation of any movement, course of action, etc.; as, the inauguration of a new system, a new condition, etc. Read more..

Guide to the 2017 Presidential Inauguration -

The Presidential Inauguration Committee now also features a full rundown of inauguration activities, including details of the swearing-in ceremony and the parade. Toast to the New President at an Inaugural Ball. Revelers may want to don a tuxedo or evening dress and dance the night away, and they’ll have plenty of options. Read more..


The inauguration, which set a record attendance for any event held in Washington, D.C., marked the commencement of the four‑year term of Barack Obama as President and Joseph (Joe) Biden as Vice President. With his inauguration as President of the United States, Obama became the first African American to hold the office, the first President born in Hawaii and the third President to hail from Illinois. Read more..

Inauguration Central

Inauguration Central News and notes on the inauguration of Barack Obama as the 44th president of the United States - January 20, 2009. Special Classifieds Feature. Buy Washington Post Inauguration newspapers, books, and more. Transition to power. See All Inauguration News Stories >>. Read more..

inauguration - Presidential Inauguration

The 58th Presidential Inauguration occurs on Friday, January 20, 2017. Whether you are a resident, business owner, commuter or visitor – stay informed and have a plan for a seamless experience during Inauguration Week. Event information is developing quickly, please check back periodically. Read more..

Inauguration Security: Operations

Inauguration Security: Operations, Appropriations, and Issues for Congress. Shawn Reese Analyst in Emergency Management and Homeland Security Policy. Jacob R. Straus Analyst on the Congress. Read more..

Inauguration day 2017, inauguration day 2018 and further

View below the dates for (among others) inauguration day 2017 and inauguration day 2018. You can also see on which day the holiday falls and how many days it is until this holiday. Read more..

Firsts and facts about presidential inaugurations

Firsts and facts about presidential inaugurations. by Christine Frantz and Beth Rowen. Related Links. Read more..

United States presidential inauguration とは - goo Wikipedia...

Presidential inauguration at the eastern front of the U.S. Capitol (Lyndon B. Johnson, 1965). Inauguration Day 2005: President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush lead the inaugural parade down Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House. Read more..

Getting Tickets for the 2017 Inauguration - Presidential-Inauguration

How do I get tickets for the 2017 inaugural ceremony of President-Elect Donald Trump? Tickets to the inaugural swearing-in ceremony are normally assigned within about a month or two of the inauguration date and may be requested from members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives. You may need to reside in the state or district of the senator or congressperson from whose office you are requesting a ticket. Read more..

Donald Trump Inauguration Music: Dems Plan Rival... -

Donald Trump Inauguration Rival Dem Concert: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know. Published 10:48 pm EST, December 22, 2016 Updated 12:26 am EST, December 23, 2016 17 Comments By Jessica McBride. Read more..

Huffpost Inauguration Ball

The Huffington Post Inauguration Ball was named Washington Life Magazine's #1 event of the 2009 Social Year in its first prime-time TV special. Read more..

Inauguration Tickets - eBay

Rare Framed President Barack Obama 2009 Inauguration Ceremonies ticket signed by Dianne Feinstein with photos of the President and First Lady. Also includes two gold tone presidential coins. Read more..

How to Attend Inauguration 2017 - Free Tours by Foot

We do not offer guide service or tours on Inauguration Day. The 2017 Presidential Inauguration is nearly upon and the city is already preparing for the inaugural events. From parades to balls to the actual inauguration, use this as your guide to how to attend inauguration 2017, get tickets to an inaugural ball, and welcome the new president into the White House. Read more..

No Celebrities Will Perform at Trump Inauguration?:

If Evancho counts as a "celebrity," then the claim that "no" celebrities will perform at the inauguration is not true in a literal sense. Artists who have said publicly that they will not play the inauguration under any circumstances, if asked, include musicians Elton John and John Legend. Read more..

Trump’s Quest to Find Anyone to Sing at His Inauguration... - Vanity Fair

The inauguration as a whole will be an exciting and uniting celebration of freedom and democracy. We will be releasing further details at the appropriate time.” The committee has not yet responded to Vanity Fair’s request for comment. In the meantime, only one singer actually has been confirmed for the inauguration thus far. Read more..

Everything You Need to Know About Donald Trump’s Inauguration

The countdown clock on the White House transition is winding down as specifics about Donald Trump's inauguration are being finalized. Here's a rundown of what is known about the schedule so far: Easy Pick of a Theme. Read more..

United States presidential inauguration

Presidential inauguration at the eastern front of the U.S. Capitol (Lyndon B. Johnson, 1965). Inauguration Day 2005: President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush lead the inaugural parade down Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House. Read more..

Saints Row IV: Inauguration Station в Steam

Upload characters created or modified in the "Inauguration Station" to play with them in Saints Row IV. Tip: You can download your Saints Row: The Third characters to update them for Saints Row IV. Browse an online gallery to view thousands of shared community characters. Read more..

Devious plot grows to ‘shut down’ Trump’s inauguration

Lacy MacAuley, a spokeswoman for #DisruptJ20, told WND the group is anticipating a “massive presence in Washington, D.C., during the inauguration.” “We cannot yet say how significant this disruption will be,” she said. “We are creating a framework to support mass protests and direct action to shut down the inauguration of Donald Trump.” Read more..

Trump Inauguration Panic: Mark Burnett Throws 'Hail Mary' Staff...

Mark Burnett, who produces “Celebrity Apprentice” with Trump and has been overseeing entertainment for inauguration festivities, has brought in talent recruiter Suzanne Bender, a former “Dancing With the Stars” and “American Idol” booker, to end an effective freeze-out by Hollywood, the insider said. Bender also worked on Burnett’s “StarMaker,” a short-lived singing competition hosted by P. Diddy that aired on MTV in 2009. Read more..

Michael Moore: 'Disrupt the Inauguration '

Liberal documentary filmaker Michael Moore is encouraging Americans to take to the streets to protest the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump. “Disrupt the Inauguration. The Majority have spoken – by nearly 2.7 million votes &counting! Silence is not an option,” Moore tweeted Wednesday morning to his three million Twitter followers. Read more..

Who Moved the Inauguration? Dispelling an Urban Legend - OUPblog

Parade Magazine[January 18] called Reagan’s moving the ceremonies “an important symbol for a man who sought to change direction and for a nation that always looked West for opportunity.” An article that appeared widely in the McClatchy newspaper chain [January 20] asserted that Reagan moved it “as a giant stage prop for his inauguration.” Read more..

Putin to Sing at Trump Inauguration - The New Yorker

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—After having difficulty persuading prominent entertainers to participate at the event, the Trump transition team announced on Sunday that the Russian President Vladimir Putin would sing at Donald J. Trump’s Inauguration next month. In a brief statement from the Kremlin, Putin said, “I will be most delighted to perform for my comrade.” Read more..

Inauguration Day - World News

Barack Obama - Presidential Inauguration Day 10 of 12 - Anthem Departure & Commentary, America 101: What Happens on Inauguration Day?- History, BARACK OBAMA: Inauguration 2013, Bill Maher is Back on Inauguration Day Read more..

Connect to Congress: Inauguration expectations - WJLA

WASHINGTON (Sinclair Broadcast Group) - As federal lawmakers returned to Washington this week to commence the 115th Congress, the ongoing construction related to the upcoming inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump was certainly a sight few could miss. With the big event right around the corner, many members are anticipating the big day. Read more..

President Barack Obama's Inaugural Address by David Bergman

Competitions. Tags. david, bergman, washington, dc, president, barack, obama, inauguration, inaugural, capitol, address. Description. Read more..

Inauguration - Washington DC Presidential Inaugural Guide

Presidential Inaugural Guide. The formal Swearing-In Ceremony begins at 11:30am on January 21st. Inauguration Day is a national celebration of the peaceful transition of the president-elect becoming president. Read more..

Carter is only former president to RSVP for Trump's inauguration

One month out, Jimmy Carter is the only former president to RSVP to President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration, while Bill Clinton and George W. Bush are putting off their decision until the new year. The Clintons have been keeping a low profile since the election and have made no decisions about whether to attend, according to a person familiar with the planning. Read more..

The Presidential Inauguration in History

Inauguration Day, April 30, began with the sounds of ceremonial artillery and church bells ringing across the city. At noon, General Washington made his way through large crowds to Federal Hall, where both houses of Congress were assembled for swearing-in. New York Chancellor Robert Livingston read the oath, and Washington, his right hand on a Bible, repeated the words inscribed in the Constitution... Read more..

Inauguration Quotes - BrainyQuote

Inauguration Quotes from BrainyQuote, an extensive collection of quotations by famous authors, celebrities, and newsmakers. Read more..

inauguration - definition of inauguration

2. The formal beginning or initiation of any movement, course of action, etc.; as, the inauguration of a new system, a new condition, etc. Read more..

Big & Rich to Perform at Trump Inauguration Gala - Rolling Stone

"A presidential inauguration is a uniquely American event, so we are honored to be a part of it and hope to help make it a memorable event." Read more..

Rockette Dancer Tormented Over Trump Inauguration... -

The famed Rockettes -- who are booked to perform at Donald Trump's inauguration -- might be one woman down -- a dancer says she was never asked and claims Trump as #notmypresident. Phoebe Pearl -- a member of the Radio City staple -- vented her frustration Thursday night over the booking... a decision she says was made without her knowledge. Read more..

FULL TEXT: President Rodrigo Duterte inauguration... - Inquirer News

Source: Presidential Communications Office. RELATED STORY. FULL TEXT: Vice President Leni Robredo inauguration speech. Read more..

Education World: Teaching About the Inauguration

Hail to the Chief: Inauguration Lessons. Every four years on January 20, an important event occurs in the United States: A president takes the Oath of Office during an inauguration ceremony. This week, Education World offers ten super activities to help your students learn about and commemorate the inauguration. Read more..