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Inauguration Day in the United States

On Inauguration Day the candidates, who won the elections in the previous year, are sworn into office as president and vice-president of the United States. The swearing-in ceremony takes place at the U.S. Capitol and is organized by the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies. It is usually followed by a parade along Pennsylvania Avenue. Read more..

Presidential Inauguration 2017 -

2017 Presidential Inauguration. "I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States." With those words, the President-elect will take the oath of office on January 20, 2017, to formally become the 45th President of the United States. See the nine events that commonly take place on Inauguration Day. Read more..

Guide to the 2017 Presidential Inauguration -

The official proceedings of Inauguration Day commence around noon on the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol with the vice president-elect and president-elect taking the Oaths of Office, followed by the inaugural address. Security screening gates will open at 6 a.m., followed by music at approximately 9:30 a.m. and opening remarks at 11:30 a.m. Read more..

Inauguration Day - definition of Inauguration Day by The Free...

Inauguration Day synonyms, Inauguration Day pronunciation, Inauguration Day translation, English dictionary definition of Inauguration Day. n the day on which the inauguration of a president of the US takes place, Jan 20 n. the day on which the president of the U.S. is inaugurated, being the... Read more..

Inauguration Day

Inauguration Day is the day every four years on which the President of the United States is sworn in and takes office. The next Inauguration Day will occur on January 20, 2009. Read more..

Inauguration Day - Define Inauguration Day at

Inauguration Day definition, the day on which the president of the United States is inaugurated, being January 20 of every year following a year whose number is divisible by four. Prior to the Twentieth Amendment to the Constitution (ratified February 6, 1933), it was March 4. See more. Read more..

Inauguration day 2017, inauguration day 2018 and further

View below the dates for (among others) inauguration day 2017 and inauguration day 2018. You can also see on which day the holiday falls and how many days it is until this holiday. Read more..

‘Nationwide shut down’ planned for Inauguration Day

Progressives protesting the outcome of Tuesday’s presidential election vandalized a New Orleans monument with words “Die whites die.” A self-avowed Marxist member of the Seattle City Council who is part of the George Soros-funded Occupy Wall Street movement has called for a “massive protest” against President-elect Donald Trump and a “nationwide shut down” on Inauguration Day. Read more..

Inauguration Day: Calendar, History, events, quotes & Fun Facts

Inauguration Day marks the beginning of the new four year term of the President of the United States. The Inauguration of the US President garners national attention. Held in Washington D.C., the Inauguration ceremony takes place on the western front of the US Capitol Building. Read more..

Inauguration Day Countdown

Whether you are a resident, business owner, commuter or visitor – stay informed and have a plan for a seamless experience during Inauguration Week. Event information is developing quickly, please check back periodically. Inauguration Day Countdown.:: Days. Hours. Read more..

Inauguration Day 2017: Everything you need to know... - Mic

14, 2016, 2:41 p.m.: This article has been updated to remove a reference to the American Constitution Society. While the National Park Service initially reported that that group had submitted a permit for the Lincoln Memorial, the group says it has not planned an event for that location the day after the inauguration. Read more..

On Inauguration Day, Don’t Go to Work. Don’t Buy... - In These Times

January 20 is only 59 days away, and it has become increasingly apparent that there was no contingency plan for dealing with a Trump administration and a GOP-controlled House, Senate and Supreme Court. Groups can engage in all other manner of resistance on Inauguration Day, from protests to sit-ins, but a general strike and protest can bring all these actions under one unified and powerful umbrella whose message cannot be misinterpreted. Read more..

Inauguration Day

Inauguration Day — ☆ Inauguration Day n. the day on which a president of the U.S. is inaugurated: Jan. 20 (before 1934, March 4) of the year following the election … Read more..

The Far Left Is Planning The Biggest Political Protest In United States...

Normally Inauguration Day is a day of joy and gladness for the nation, but this time around we may see unprecedented scenes of chaos, rioting and violence. At this point, there appears to be no possible way that the entire nation is going to unite behind President Trump, and many are wondering if we are now entering four years of the worst civil unrest that the United States has ever experienced. Read more..

What does inauguration day mean?

The day on which the President of the United States is inaugurated, the 20th of January in every year next after a year divisible by four. Prior to the adoption of the twentieth amendment to the Constitution of the United States (ratified February 6, 1933) the date was the 4th of March. Read more..

Inauguration Day

It’s Inauguration Day in America. Numerous websites are offering free streaming video of the festivities (above, the feed from UStream, below from Hulu), while social media sites are exploding with user-generated content and conversation. Read more..

So what happens between Election Day and Inauguration Day anyway?

Inauguration Day is Jan. 20, 2017 and both Obama and the president elect have a lot to do before then. The new president used to be inaugurated on March 4, four months after Election Day. Read more..

Inauguration Day 2017 - Jan 20, 2017 - Kleiner Kalender

Inauguration Day is a Federal holiday observed only by federal employees who work in the District of Columbia; Montgomery and Prince George's Counties in Maryland; Arlington and Fairfax Counties in Virginia, and the cities of Alexandria and Fairfax in Virginia, and who are regularly scheduled to perform non-overtime work on Inauguration Day. Read more..

Inauguration Day 2017: When Does the New President... -

While Inauguration Day is a ceremonial event that takes place once every four years, most schools, stores, and organizations operate on their normal schedules. (It is worth noting, however, that Inauguration Day is a federal holiday for many employees who work in DC and the surrounding areas. This year, DC, Louisiana, Maryland, and Virginia will recognize the day as a state holiday.) Read more..

Inauguration Day

Inauguration Day is January 20, every 4 years after the U.S. presidential election. It is the day on which the newly elected President of the United States is sworn in and takes office. If January 20 falls on a Sunday, the President is usually administered the oath of office in a private ceremony on that day, followed by a public ceremony the following day. Read more..

Inauguration Day

Inauguration Day - Speech - History - Quiz - For Teachers - Cabinet - Photos - Home. As a bone-chilling drizzle fell on Washington, D.C., George W. Bush was inaugurated as the 43rd president of the United States, surrounded by both his strongest supporters and his most embittered detractors. In the crowd, Texans, many conspicuous in fur coats, cowboy hats and rhinestone pins, walked unfazed past homemade signs declaring "Shame" and "Not My President." Read more..

Inauguration Day 2017: What you should know - The Missouri Times

The inaugural ceremonies will begin with a week of service starting on Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017. The incoming governor is scheduled to begin a week-long tour of the state before the inauguration. The governor-elect will start the inauguration day events with a 9 a.m. interfaith prayer service at St. Peter’s Church, followed by a ceremony to honor Missouri’s heroes, including law enforcement officers, veterans, teachers, and families of fallen heroes. Read more..

Protest Against Trump on Inauguration Day: Fight War, Racism...

On Inauguration Day, thousands will be in the streets to give voice to the millions of people in this country who are demanding systemic change. Donald Trump is a racist, sexist bigot. We believe that tens of thousands of progressive people will be in the streets on Inauguration Day and in the weeks and months afterward. Read more..

The Far Left Is Planning The Biggest Political Protest In United States...

At this point they still have more than two months to organize their forces, and many are expecting that this is going to be the most chaotic Inauguration Day in American history. One of the Facebook pages that is attempting to recruit protesters for Inauguration Day is entitled “Protest at the Inauguration: Stand Against Trump, War, Racism and Inequality”. Read more..

Inauguration Day

Much to the delight of on-lookers, President Obama gave a rousing inaugural address; perhaps his most memorable quote of the day was "...This is the meaning of our liberty and our creed, why men and women and children of every race and every faith can join in celebration across this magnificent mall. Read more..

Inauguration Day

Learn more about Inauguration Day. (Redirected from Inauguration day ). Jump to: navigation, search. Read more..

Massive anti-Trump protests planned for Inauguration Day... - Fox News

Opponents to Donald Trump’s presidency are planning large-scale demonstrations in the nation’s capital in January when the Republican president-elect is sworn in on Inauguration Day, with police apparently expecting tens-of-thousands of protesters. Read more..

Bush protests - inauguration

Some groups are urging Americans not to buy anything on inauguration day - nothing, not even an order of freedom fries. Those who want to do even more are being told to cancel their cable and phone services. In New Orleans, protesters are planning to hold a traditional jazz funeral to mourn the death of democracy, and in Washington, others will line the inaugural parade route and turn their backs as the president's motorcade goes by. Read more..

Inauguration Day -

A Marine helicopter which will eventually fly President George W. Bush to Andrews Air Force sits on the East Front of the Capitol hours prior to the start of the inauguration ceremony. Read more..

Taking public transportation on Inauguration Day? - Free Tours by Foot

We do not offer guide service or tours on Inauguration Day. The 2017 Presidential Inauguration is nearly upon and the city is already preparing for the inaugural events. From parades to balls to the actual inauguration, use this as your guide to how to attend inauguration 2017, get tickets to an inaugural ball, and welcome the new president into the White House. Read more..

Second - Inauguration Day / Sean Oliver Ness 14

Inauguration Day / Sean Oliver Ness 2 funeral attire than operational gear. Even his shoe polish mercilessly reflected the sunlight back into his face. Three other men were on the sidewalk, suits and shoes just as slick as Hapeta’s, leaning against the black four-wheel drive beside them and talking quietly between themselves. Read more..

Inauguration Day

Presidential Inauguration Day is set aside every four years as a public event for the swearing in of a newly elected president and vice president or for those who have been re-elected to another term. Although some federal employees in Washington, DC and surrounding suburbs and counties get the day off as a federal holiday, Inauguration Day is not considered a federal or state holiday any where else in the country. Read more..

Inauguration Day - Academic Kids

Inauguration Day is the day on which the President of the United States is sworn in and takes office. Read more..

Democrats Plan Alternate Mega-Concert For Inauguration Day

While there are few actually confirmed details as of now, there's apparently a massive, star-studded "We The People" concert being planned for Miami on the day of Donald Trump's inauguration. Read more..

inauguration day in Spanish -

Tuesday evening, a special Inauguration Day edition of the networks critically acclaimed primetime newsmagazine Aqu y Ahora titled Encuentro con la Historia (Here and Now: A Date with History) will be broadcast live from Washington and hosted by anchors Teresa Rodrguez and Mara Elena Salinas. Read more..

Inauguration Day : Wikis (The Full Wiki)

Inauguration Day 2009 on the west steps of the U.S. Capitol. President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush lead the inaugural parade down Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House, 2005. The inauguration of the President of the United States occurs upon the commencement of a new term of a President of the United States. Read more..

Inauguration Day - Tumblr

On the Washington, D.C. street where Mike Pence will be living before Inauguration Day, his new neighbors have begun displaying rainbow flags in protest. According to one resident, Ilse Heintzen: “[It’s] a respectful message showing, in my case, my disagreement with some of his thinking. I have no idea what [the Vice-President Elect] will think about, but I hope he will change his mind.” Read more..

StateMaster - Encyclopedia: Inauguration Day

Inauguration Day is the day on which the President of the United States is sworn in and takes office. It was originally held every four years on March 4 except the first inauguration for George Washington, which was held on April 30, 1789. Read more..

Inauguration Day by El Padrino on Apple Music

Listen to songs from the album Inauguration Day, including "Intro, the Rappin Poseidon", "I Love Where I'm From", "I'll Make It" and many more. Buy the album for 8,99 TL. Songs start at 0,89 TL. Free with Apple Music subscription. Read more..

Inauguration Day - World News

Barack Obama - Presidential Inauguration Day 10 of 12 - Anthem Departure & Commentary, America 101: What Happens on Inauguration Day?- Read more..

Inauguration Central

Full video and text of Obama's first speech as president, with Post reporters' analysis. The Aftermath. City's trash trucks haul away at least 130 tons of inaugural garbage.- Read more..

United States presidential inauguration とは - goo Wikipedia...

Inauguration Day 2005: President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush lead the inaugural parade down Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House. The inauguration of the President of the United States is a ceremony to mark the commencement of a new four-year term of a president of the United States. Read more..

The first presidential inauguration - Apr 30, 1789 -

On this day in 1789, George Washington is sworn in as the first American president and delivers the first inaugural speech at Federal Hall in New York City. Elements of the ceremony set tradition; presidential inaugurations have deviated little in the two centuries since Washington’s inauguration. In front of 10,000 spectators Read more..

What is inauguration day

Inauguration Day is a federal holiday for some federal employees who work in the District of Columbia or the surrounding areas. This is mainly to reduce the amount of congestion on the roads and public transit systems of the area. In and around Washington DC there can be considerable disruption to public life, both on Inauguration Day and in the days before and after the ceremony. Read more..

These 2 presidents ignited the 4 most protested Inauguration Days

"There've really only been two presidents who stand out from all of the others in terms of the vastness of the protests against them, either against them personally or against the wars that were taking place during their administrations," Jim Bendat, an inauguration expert and author of Democracy's Big Day: The Inauguration of Our President, said. Read more..

'Freedom Concert' Being Planned, But No Details...:

WHAT'S TRUE: A concert promoter said that he was planning to throw a "Freedom Concert" on inauguration day. Read more..

Inauguration Day - Gpedia, Your Encyclopedia

Inauguration Day 2005: President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush lead the inaugural parade down Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House. The inauguration of the president of the United States is a ceremonial event marking the commencement of a new four-year term of a president of the United States. The day a presidential inauguration occurs is known as "Inauguration Day" and occurs on January 20 (or 21st if the 20th is a Sunday). Read more..

"Be Ready For The Madness" - Inauguration Day Chaos Being...

Now Soros-linked groups are planning complete Inauguration Day chaos for Washington DC on January 20, 2017. They tried to steal the election by petitioning for recounts, which ended in utter failure as the one state they won their bid for recounts in, ended up widening Trump's lead. Then they tried to threaten and harass the electoral college members, that too has failed as the AP spoke to hundreds of them and found that despite "getting tens of thousands of emails... Read more..

Inauguration Day -English

Inauguration Day.:pralenti. In the morning, President Bush and his wife Laura will attend a church service across from the White House. Read more..

Inauguration Day 2013 - ABC News

Inauguration Day 2013. President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama dance together at the Commander-in-Chief Inaugural Ball in Washington, at the Washington Convention Center during the 57th Presidential Inauguration, Jan. Read more..

Dr. King, Inauguration Day and Our Democracy - Lily's Blackboard

In the coming days our nation will be marking two occasions: the national holiday honoring the life, service and leadership of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and the peaceful transfer of power from one presidential administration to another that we call Inauguration Day. For me, both days will be emotional. Read more..

ISIS declare Bloody Friday war on Trump inauguration day - World

And the Islamic terror organisation is reported to have recruited a number of new English speaking operatives in recent months in a major bid to communicate messages ahead of the day. Read more..

What does Inauguration Day mean? definition, meaning...

Dictionary entry overview: What does Inauguration Day mean? • INAUGURATION DAY (noun) The noun INAUGURATION DAY has 1 sense: 1. the day designated for inauguration of the United States president. Familiarity information: INAUGURATION DAY used as a noun is very rare. Read more..

On "Inauguration Day..."

On "Inauguration Day: January 1953". Thomas R. Edwards. Imagistically the poem is built upon "enclosure" -- burial by snow, the subway's vaults, the truss of the El, the interred Union dead, the sword in the groove -- foreshadowing the "mausoleum" of the last line. But these images suggest not only constraint and death but ceremony, formal rituals like burial, inauguration, or for that matter battle itself. Read more..

Exclusive — Behind Scenes at Presidential Inaugural... - Breitbart

WASHINGTON, D.C. — President-elect Donald J. Trump’s inauguration will have less official celebration throughout the day and evening so he can focus on getting right to work on behalf of the American people, officials involved in the planning process tell Breitbart News. Read more..

Barack Obama's second-term inauguration day... - The Guardian

Barack Obama is sworn in as US president for second term and delivers his inaugural address from Washington DC • Relive inauguration day 2013 in pictures • Follow the evening inaugural balls in our live picture blog. President Barack Obama blows a kiss as he and first lady Michelle Obama walk on Pennsylvania Avenue. Read more..

Report: Obama Is Setting Up Shadow Government to Undermine...

Author Ed Klein told Pete Hegseth on Fox and Friends Weekend this morning that Barack Obama is setting up a shadow government in Washington DC to undermine President Trump after Inauguration Day. Read more..